What Causes Obesity?

You need to know that being overweight (overweight) can be caused by two factors. Namely external factors and internal factors.

1. External factors

External factors include diet, lifestyle and use of certain drugs that can lead to obesity. You can avoid the factors that cause obesity independently because they come from outside your body. You can also prevent this external cause of obesity by consuming Sarilangsing regularly, once a day before eating.

2. Internal factors

Internal factors include age factors, hormonal factors, genetic factors. Increasing age and genetic factors passed on by both parents can make you fat. However, you don’t need to worry because Sarilangsing can also help overcome this factor.

Although there are two factors that cause obesity, it is external factors that are most often experienced and have the greatest influence on a person’s obesity. Because being fat is not a destiny that cannot be changed. As long as you keep trying, your dream of having a slim and sexy body is just a matter of time. And one of the effective efforts is to consume Sarilangsing regularly once a day 30 minutes before eating.