Reasons Why Women Fail Diet

Diet is still one way for women to maintain or lose weight. Unfortunately, this method is not as easy as reading articles about diet. The proof is that many women fail when undergoing a diet program.

How did it happen? What causes many women to fail while on a diet program? The following are the reasons:

Body Against

In a shorter sense, a diet to lose weight is to limit the intake of calories and certain foods. Someone who is used to often snacking and eating well, is certainly not easy on a diet. There is a feeling of hunger, nausea, dizziness and even blood pressure drops. If the body has been fighting this way, usually a person will give up on the first days of the diet.

Pressure from Others

Sometimes we have made up our minds and will fight all the points above with enthusiasm 45. But there are times when the spirit loses due to pressure from others. For example, your mother says, “What are you doing to be thin? You have to eat rice ..” even though you are not eating rice. It could be that your boyfriend or husband is rejecting your diet idea. If you have this, usually women find it difficult to diet and be successful.

Hunger Eyes (Can’t Endure the Temptation of Good Food)

After being attacked by hunger, there were people who persisted not to eat. But not a few have to give up because they can’t stand seeing the many delicious foods. Who wouldn’t be tempted by ice cream, delicious fried chicken and chili sauce, and potato chips? Compared to green vegetables, it is clear which one will be chosen to pamper the tongue.

Often Feeling Hungry

Often feeling hungry is one of the challenges for those who are on a diet. This hunger sometimes appears because the body needs food, there is also pseudo hunger which is actually just your ‘hallucination’. For example, you have eaten, then pass in front of the goat satay seller. Suddenly my stomach made a sound and was hungry. Even though it’s just your mind because you smell the smell of satay.

How about you? Have you been on a diet and failed?

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